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The ‘Christmas Doesn’t Just Happen’ Holiday Prep Checklist

Hi!  Are you ready for the festive season?  My head and heart say ‘yes!’, but my to-do list says ‘no way, not yet’.  Therefore, I’ve put together a week-by-week checklist up to 25 December.  It’s been written with an eye to those who will be hosting a festive gathering, but it’s very applicable to everyone! […]

10 Smart Ways to Get Organised for House Guests

I love having house guests! In the last year, we’ve hosted guests for 13 of 52 weeks – that’s a lot of ‘organised’.  In fact, that’s a full QUARTER of the year.  Some were short-term student homestays and not strictly touring/visiting guests, but the point is, I am well on my way to earning my […]

Spare Room Before and After

Spare Room Before and After

This lovely spare room has a very motivated owner and it took us only 8 hours (2 sessions) to go from before to after.  We went through all the boxes, reorganised, and moved lots of paperwork for sorting later.  We ended up with several bags of charity donations, and plenty of recycling for the bins. […]

Tidying - 5 ways to clear clutter fast

Tidying! 5 Ways to Quick Results.

Looking for Tips on Tidying? Here are 5 super-fast, time-saving things you can do to make a start with tidying, get stuck in, work for just a little while, and then do something else amazing with your time!  1.  Choose ONE place to start. Don’t necessarily feel you have to tackle a whole room, or […]

Questions to ask when shopping

Lent: The ONE Thing an Organiser Wants You to Give Up.

Lent starts tomorrow! Which means it’s only 6 weeks to Easter.  6 weeks isn’t terribly long…  have you ever ‘given up’ anything for Lent? If you have even a passing inclination to ‘get organised’ may I suggest a radical first step? Give up shopping. That’s right, friends, make a commitment to stop shopping, for just […]

KonMari spark joy

KonMari in London!

Have you thanked your t-shirts for their service lately?  KonMari says it’s time to start. Wednesday night I had the pleasure to hear Marie Kondo, Japanese tidying phenomenon, at an event sponsored by Red Magazine  as part of their month-long #MyReboot program.  #MyReboot encourages us to adopt healthier new habits, rather than diet or deprive […]

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Meal Planning for Health and Sanity

Do you make a weekly meal plan?  Are you one of those super-organised people who can plan for a MONTH?  If so, I am impressed.  I can only do about 4 or 5 days at a time, because frankly, with my growing family, that’s about all the time I can go without needing to go […]

Family dining room

Family dining room

This dining room is such a lovely, light-filled family gathering space, yet the family were literally carving out spaces to put their cereal bowls.  We cleared and reorganised the space, including all the drawers and cabinets in the breakfront.  Happy! Click for Next Portfolio Item

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Organised bedroom

This is a lovely, sunny bedroom in beautiful North London!  The owner is a busy professional but also enjoys many hobbies and a gorgeous wardrobe of clothes.  We sorted the contents of all wardrobes, everything that was under the bed, and relocated the craft supplies to a better location.