The ‘Christmas Doesn’t Just Happen’ Holiday Prep Checklist

Hi!  Are you ready for the festive season?  My head and heart say ‘yes!’, but my to-do list says ‘no way, not yet’.  Therefore, I’ve put together a week-by-week checklist up to 25 December.  It’s been written with an eye to those who will be hosting a festive gathering, but it’s very applicable to everyone!

organising for holidaysI encounter so many frazzled people at this time of the year, and that’s understandable. I often feel rather frazzled by the holidays myself. But I also encounter people who don’t even want to hear ‘the C-word’ until after December 1st.  My friends, I strongly encourage you to start well before that.  You don’t have to decorate or play your Bing Crosby albums yet, but you should definitely at least admit that CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  And guess what? Christmas and Chanukah don’t ‘just happen’! I mean, sure, it comes along all the same, but if you are hoping for festive AND restive, you and the people around you need to do some prior planning.

The best Christmas season I had in recent memory was the one where all shopping was complete by Decmember 1.  I am going for a 2-peat this year. Who’s with me?

Have a look at my planner checklist below – I hope it will be useful to you. Remember to keep it simple and fun for all!  Also, because I am American, I simply can’t leave out our lovely late-November Thanksgiving holiday. If you are not celebrating Thanksgiving, just bear with me during that part of the list…

And as always, remember that I am available to help you as a extra pair of hands! Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your situation.

Click here to download the checklist!

The checklist is a PDF in A4 size. If you are in North America and want to print on 8.5 x 11 sized paper, just be sure your ‘fit to page’ box is checked in your printer properties.

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