How It Works

You are interested in hiring me. But how does an organiser work?

Excellent question – here’s what I do.


First, we’ll arrange a time to speak on the phone or by skype to discuss your goals.  I’ll ask a lot of questions, and I am sure you’ll have some for me as well.  Should you decide to book a session, we get that on our diaries, you pay a deposit and then we both look forward to the day!

Work Day

On our work day, I will arrive discreetly (no marked car, no shirt with a logo) and will bring all the supplies we need to begin. I will provide bin bags, labels, marking pens, etc.  Should we determine that special items are needed (say, better file folders or a new bookcase) then we will discuss the procurement of those items.  I do enjoy a few professional discounts at various retailers.  We will start by clearing space to begin sorting, then we will be sorting ‘like with like’ in order to determine volume and needs.  We’ll progress from there and find the best places within your home for your new ‘family groups’ to live.

I do generally take photos before, during, and after a session but I will always ask permission first, and I NEVER share or upload any photos without your express permission.

It’s important to note that I must generally work side-by-side with you, in order to ensure that you are part of the process and can start to see the logic and method of decluttering.  In the instance of physical limitations on your part, I will of course adjust this policy accordingly and can work somewhat autonomously, checking in frequently with you.How it Works - APDO

We take tea and lunch breaks, not to worry, and I always try to work at a pace which feels comfortable for you.

At the end of the day and where possible, I will remove items for charity if needed.  Otherwise, I will make every effort to arrange the collection of such items promptly.

If you have booked multiple sessions, I can check in with you between sessions, to check your progress or to remind you of tasks still to do.  Depending upon your comfort level, and entirely at your request, I can assign ‘homework’ to do between sessions to keep us moving forward.

Follow Up

Finally, I will follow up with a written plan for you going forward, recapping what we’ve discussed and giving suggestions for future improvement.

I LOVE doing this, make no mistake, and my goal is for you to feel more at peace in your living or working space.

If you’d like to book a phone consultation, please contact me here!