Lent: The ONE Thing an Organiser Wants You to Give Up.

Lent starts tomorrow! Which means it’s only 6 weeks to Easter.  6 weeks isn’t terribly long…  have you ever ‘given up’ anything for Lent?

If you have even a passing inclination to ‘get organised’ may I suggest a radical first step?

Give up shopping.Questions to ask when shopping

That’s right, friends, make a commitment to stop shopping, for just a few weeks.  Put all unnecessary buying on hold.  (Obviously, you need to eat. Please continue to do that.) But while you’re in the supermarket, stay out of the extra sections full of clothes, home goods, DVDs, etc…  be mindful that you are there for food and necessities only.  Just flat-out avoid temptations and stay out of the shopping centre or mall.  Remember the old WWII home front mantra, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” For 6 weeks.  Not too terribly long, surely?

Not bringing new items into the house quite simply eliminates the need to store them, care for them, remember them, etc. Less ‘stuff’= less clutter.

Experience MORE.

Notice I didn’t say, ‘stop spending’. There’s a significant difference and I don’t mean this period of austerity to include ‘experiences’. Quite the opposite; go to that museum you keep meaning to see, take that family outing, take a walk, have coffee with a friend, host a dinner party, maybe!  Use your time and your money to create memories.  If you especially want to remember your day, take plenty of pictures but avoid the gift shop.

Give MORE.

Contrary to popular belief, Lent’s not entirely about ‘sacrifice’ either.  It’s also about service to others, especially to those in need.  So maybe while in the supermarket, use what you might have spent on impulse buys to buy a little extra for the local food bank.  Use the time you would have spent at the mall in voluntary service to others.


This Lent, make an effort to ‘detox’ on your shopping and see if your attitudes toward ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ don’t shift a bit in 6 week’s time… and I wonder if the clutter around you might not start to shift a bit too?

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