Tidying! 5 Ways to Quick Results.

Tidying - 5 ways to clear clutter fastLooking for Tips on Tidying?

Here are 5 super-fast, time-saving things you can do to make a start with tidying, get stuck in, work for just a little while, and then do something else amazing with your time!

 1.  Choose ONE place to start.

Don’t necessarily feel you have to tackle a whole room, or entire wardrobe even, but just ONE stack of papers.  One drawer.  One bathroom shelf.  That pile of odds and ends in the corridor.  You get the idea!  Breaking down what seems like an overwhelming tidying task into smaller tasks will help keep frustration and project burnout at bay and may very well motivate you to move to the next area!

2. Challenge yourself to remove 10 items from your home today (NEXT LEVEL: 10 items from each room!)

Chances are, you have more lurking than you think.  If you feel overwhelmed about where to begin, or think you’re not quite ready to let go of anything, challenge yourself to remove just a few items.  You can choose the number that feels right for you.  It may be as simple as finally recycling that plastic container with no lid.  Push yourself to recycle 10 magazines, whether you’ve read them or not.  10 pairs of shoes, perhaps.  10 books?  You get the idea!

3. Move ‘Storage Items’ out of the main part of the house.

Do you have sandals and flip-flops in your entryway? In March? In Britain?!  Maybe your tax documents from 5 years ago are taking up precious room in your filing box or your desk?  Don’t let out of season, or truly archivable items take up valuable living or storage space in the main part of your home.  Tuck them away in a loft or at the back of a deep cupboard until the change of seasons or in the case of old paperwork, until the rare occasion that you need them.

4. Let go of unfinished (never started?) projects and broken items.

If you intended to fix it, but haven’t touched it in 6 months, best to let it go!  It probably isn’t that vital if you’ve lived without it for this long and it’s just sitting there, mocking you a little.  Show it you don’t care, and that you are the boss of your stuff and your time!  Think very critically about any type of unfinished project.  Do you still even WANT to do it?  Once it’s completed, where will you put it?  Do have the skills it takes to complete it and if not, what steps will you take to learn?  Are there things you’d rather be doing with your time?  As an example, I had a lovely Victorian chair I intended to reupholster that sat in the corner of my living room for several YEARS before I realised a) I didn’t have the time to learn the skills needed to do it, and b) my house had NO other Victorian decor whatsoever.  I sold it on to someone who very much wanted it.

5. Set a timer and use a laundry basket.

Sometimes it’s just the ordinary tidying that gets us down.  Even the most organised people have everyday clutter.  To stop it taking over, or when you need to do a blitz, grab a laundry basket or big-ish box (that you can still carry when full!) and go from room to room, adding in anything that doesn’t belong there.  When you move to the next room, take out what goes there, and put it what doesn’t, and move on.  You’ll save time and energy by moving more or less in a straight line.  For fun (especially for kids!) put on some upbeat music and set a timer or a stopwatch to see if you can do it within 20 minutes or so, or try to beat your old record!

(This post was originally written for Clear Your Clutter Day, organised by the fine folks at MoneyMagpie.  Check out their website for lots of ideas for making and saving money!)


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